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A Victrola Player’s New Bar Gig

Foodie Blake MacKay is a freelance restaurant publicist working her magic with tons of NYC restaurant groups (Franny’s/Marco’s/BKLYN Larder and others). If you are at her house for a nightcap, you are in luck. Bought by Blake’s parents in Upstate New York, this vintage Victrola, a turn of the century bureau created to house a turn-table, was converted (by her step-dad!) into a perfect bar. It made it’s way from their pad in Massachusetts to her apartment. It’s dinged through a handful of apartments til’ it landed in Gowanus where it now happily tends bar.



Shot by Michael Popp Studio with glassware storage on top and stocked with plenty of bourbon, Amari, bitters, and Campari inside, this handsome bar has multiple uses.



We took these pictures a while back and since her and MacKenzie (her fiancée #mazel) and her moved in together Blake has inherited another home bar staple, a lovely, glass, deco, pushcart bar (Blake! Instagram the hell of that pushcart for us!) that now showcases their selection of bottles. The vintage Victrola now bar currently plays house to a collection of wine glasses and coupes, cloth napkins and dish ware. Great idea!

Blake is a whiskey drinker and her favorite drink to make is a Negroni Sbagliato, which replaces the gin in a traditional Negroni with Prosecco. Yum. #bubbles

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