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What are Good Ways to Getting Rid of The Smell in a New Down Comforter?

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Not many brands talk much about their products when it comes to the washing part because they might end up saying something that can reduce the sales. Due to the impact brands do not suggest you much about the cleaning process and it’s not their fault. The fabric used in the comforters made in a way, which are not suggested for frequent washes. This roundup of down comforter reviews will help you to choose the best comforter easily.

Why are we even recommending it? Odors are caused by natural particles which are underneath or exterior cover, which creates that smell and to get rid of it, you have to wash it.

So today we will show you the right method on how you can wash your comforters without damaging, or strip the fabrics or shrinking it to 5% to 10%. These are applied by some of the experts in the industry for you “users.” If you haven’t your down comforter yet, we recommend you to go through these recommendations of comforters and choose the best one according to your needs. Find out these recommendations for the Best Down Comforter by Uphomes.

Let’s get down to the washing your comforter.

  • A Front loader washing machine that has first or delicate wash option.
  • Mild detergent.
  • Canvas tennis shoes without lace.
  • Or you can use tennis balls or dryer balls.
  • Then patience.

What are Good Ways to Getting Rid of The Smell in a New Down Comforter?

  1. Before you begin the process of cleaning, ensure that there are no Rips, Openings, Tears, Or sewing is open. You have to fix the part where it has teared or ripped because that particular part will become worse.  Do not stress out, and you can do that even at home. You can also use another equipment such as garbage disposals at home in order to get rid of bad smell of garbage.
  2. Now choose a washing machine, which is a front loader. Once you stuff the comforters, select the primary or entry setting. In many washing machines, it is called “Delicate Setting.”
  3. Do not add water now, wait for the washing machine to take some time like 2 minutes. Once the time has reached, add water and mild detergent to it.
  4. Now it’s time to add dryer balls or tennis balls or shoes, with laces removed to make sure that the down is equally dispersed. They do play a crucial role in that.
  5. Make sure that spin cycle is only Two or Three, not more than three is recommended.
  6. Now there is a risk of putting your comforters on the verge of damaging, so it is extremely recommended for you to take the comforters out and then place it again. Repeat the process for at least seven times.
  7. Once washing process has finished, you may smell a bad odor coming from your comforters, which is natural. Once the items completely drained out.
    1. Comforters are sloppy then you have to make sure to dry out the comforters, this is where your patience is tested and take your time to dry out in the machine.
  8. Once the comforters are dried out on the lowest setting, then you can dry it up under the sunlight, you can choose the time based on the thickness of the comforter.


Remember, washing on daily basis is not an ideal, which is why I insist you make sure to do in a mild manner and gently. Do you have any suggestions to add? Let us know in the comments.


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