Lofty Light Makes For Moody Magic

Our most recent #QueerInterior feature showcased a stunning floral scene inside event space Atelier Roquette owned by Monica Byrne and Leisah Swenson. Kristen Blush was able to capture lots of angles and one of our favorite was of the awesome skylights. Outfitted with a handful of lovely skylights this week’s #WednesdayWonder are some of these amazing shots from the cutting room floor.  I just couldn’t keep these moody and wondrous images in a Dropbox hidden away.


The floral deigns were part of a long weekend class called The Little Flower School co-owned by near by florists Sarah Ryhanen and Nicolette Camille. The skylights shifted mood from dusk into evening and it was lovely to watch the setting change as the sun set.


Making selections from this week’s shoot was made really difficult by the trifecta of well shot photos in a beautiful space inhabited by lovely things. Just feeling really lucky to have been in the right place at a really stunning time.


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